50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Here you will see 50+ couple love quotes in English that can touch your heart and your soul. couple quotations in English, love couple quotes in English.

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Couple Quotations in English

Men Are Not Properly Loved 
Until They Make Money

Dear Favorite Person, 
I'm Going To Spend 
My Entire Life Making Sure 
That Nothing Bad Ever Happens To You.

Be The North Star, To My Moon. 
Love Me Even When No One Can See Me Shine.

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Healing Has Already Begun.

Our Destiny Is Like Grey Clouds 
Pouring Down, Ecstatic, 
Attatched With Sadness To It.

Toxic People Can Poison Your Soul, 
Choose People Wisely To Reach Your Goal.

Her Happy Read:
Their Old Chats When 
They Began To Know Each Other!!!

Raastey Aur Khushboo, Kambakht, 
Sab Kuch Yaad Dila Deti Hain.

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Marry That Man Who Calls 
You Back After An Argument Just To 
Remind You That No Matter 
How Difficult Things Get 
He Isn't Going To Leave You.

Someone You Haven't Even Met Yet 
Is Wondering What It'd Be Like To 
Know Someone Like You.

Love Couple Quotes in English

If Your Girl Is Still Bringing Up Old Shit, 
Maybe It's Time To Sit Down And 
Talk To Her About It. 
Yes It May Be Annoying, 
But That Clearly Means 
It's Stuck In Her Head And 
It's Been Weighing Heavy On Her Heart. 
Just As Bad As You Want Her To Forget 
She Wants To Forget It 10X More.

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Sometimes You Gotta Put Aside 
What You Feel For Them, 
And Pay Attention To What 
Their Actions Are Saying They Feel For You.

I Didn't Love You To Leave You, 
So Even If Get's Hard 
I'll Give My All To Embrace And 
Love You Whole.

She's Brighter In Sky,
But Bare From Inside.
She Was Not A Liar
When She Said She Will Regain 
And Touch The Sky.

I May Fight With You Hundred Times 
But I Will Love You Million Times...

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

The Rains Have Their 
Oceans & The Sun Has 
Its Moon Everything Needs 
A Reason For Falling & I Have You

Your Emotional And Mental Health 
Is More Important Than 
Their Attention, 
Stop Worrying Yourself Sick Over Them.

Being A Good Person Doesn't Get You
Loved. It Get You Used...

A Relationship Is Really 
The Last Thing On My Mind. 
Just Be My Friend. 
Be My Peace. 
Everything Else Will Fall In Place 
If It's Meant To Be.

Couple Quotes for Instagram

Sorry That I Have Trust Issues, 
But When You Give Someone Everything 
And They Treat It Like Nothing, 
Something Inside Of You Really Breaks

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Dear Girls,
We Like You For Your Brains, Not Your Body.
Sincerely, Zombies

A Girl Is Happiest
When She Knows You Make 
Her Your Everything, 
In Front Of Everyone, Every time.

At This Age, 
I'm No Longer Explaining Basic 
Principles Of Respect And Loyalty. 
Either You Show Me You Already Know, 
Or I'm Falling Back, No In Between.

Pretending To Be Boring So 
They Finally Leave U Alone.

Most People Don't Want To Hear This, 
But Real Relationships 
That Last Involve A Lot Of Forgiveness. 
You Have To Accept The Fact 
That Your Partner Isn't Perfect & Will Hurt You, 
Disappoint You, & Upset You. 
You Have To Figure Out If 
You're Willing To Go Through Ups & Downs With Them

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Get You A Man Who Asks How You're Feeling, 
Who Worries About If/What You Ate Today, 
& Who Knows Your Facial Expressions, 
Actions, And Tones.

You Are The Last Thought 
In My Mind Before 
I Drift Off To Sleep And 
The First Thought When 
I Wake Up Each Morning.

I Cant Marry A Man Until 3-4 Years 
Being With Him I Need To See Him 
At His Highest, Lowest, Saddest 
& Happiest Before I Spend My Life With Him.

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Couple Quote Love

In The End You'll Know Who's Fake, 
Who's True, 
And Who Will Risk It All For You.

Someone Asked Me 
You Really Wanna Get Married And 
Have S3x With The Same Person For 
The Rest Of Your Life? 
Hell Fucking Yea Have S3x With, 
Argue With, Sleep With, Eat With, 
Shower With, Prosper With, 
Become Successful With. 
Yes!!!!!!, With No Hesitation.

Your Ex Is Probably Out 
There Lying About Why Y'all 
Broke Up & Calling You The Toxic One.

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Wanna Build A Relationship With 
Someone Who Cares About 
"Why" I've Been Quiet All Day. 
Not Someone Who Gets Mad Cause 
I'm "Acting Different"

You Haven't Experienced A Real Heartbreak 
Until It Takes Your Appetite.

A Private Relationship Means 
Nobody Knows Y'all Business 
But Everybody Knows Y'all Together, 
Don't Get It Confused.

It's Crazy How Trauma Makes 
You Push People Away When All 
You Want Is Love.

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

I Passed The Hardest Moments 
Alone While Everybody Believed I Was Fine.

Even If You Don't Know Anything 
About Love, 
Love Knows Everything About You.

Cute Couple Quotes

You Glow Different When 
You Have Good People With 
Good Intentions In Your Life.

No Offense But Fuck You
For Using Me To Make You Happy 
Until You Felt That 
You Didn't Need Me Anymore And 
Left Me Wondering Where I Went Wrong.

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

I Overheard A Girl Saying 
I'm Not Over Him But 
I'm Over It" And 
That's The Most Accurate Shit 
I've Heard In A While

I Have One Person, 
I Ain't Giving Up On. 
No Matter What We Go Through 
How Many Times We Stopped Talking 
Your Still Gonna Be My Baby 700

We All Have Pasts. 
We All Made Choices 
That Maybe Weren't The Best Ones. 
None Of Us Are Completely Innocent, 
But We Get A Fresh Start Every Day 
To Be A Better Person Than 
We Were Yesterday.

Couple Quotes in English

The Universe Keeps On Sending 
Messages To Each One Of Us. 
Someday It Sends A Whole 
Lengthy Of Damn Story Or 
Someday It's Just A Text. 
Either Way I'll Always Reach Out To You.

If You Can Only Be A Stranger 
In Someone's Life Then Be 
The Best Stranger They Will Ever Meet.

Today I Read Something That Said 
"Someone Who Overthinks Is Also 
Someone Who Overloves" And I Felt That

Pro Tip - When You Start Getting 
Feelings For Someone, Block Them.

You Left Me 
But I'm Still Waiting 
For You To Comeback.

50+ Couple Quotations in English | Couple Quote Love

Every Love Is Pure
It's The Individual Who Corrupts It

Having A Supportive Partner 
Can Literally Change Your Life.

You Cannot Get Mad At 
Your Partner For Expressing 
What Upsets Them. 
Even If It Isn't Deep To You 
It May Be A Serious Matter To Them. 
Genuine Consideration Is The Key

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