[60+] Sad Breakup Quotes | Breakup Quotes For Her

Here in this post, you will find here best sad breakup quotes for her and him and some inspirational breakup quotes which can motivate your heart this breakup caption you also use for Instagram posts. love breakup quotes, sad breakup quotes, breakup quotes for him, breakup messages, after breakup quotes, breakup caption, breakup messages for him.

Breakup Quotes For Her

Sad Breakup Quotes | Breakup Quotes For Her

Some People Just Want The Attention
Of Having You Without The
Responsibility Of Being Committed To You.
Read That Twice.

I Wish I Had A Delete Button In My Life. 
To Delete Some People, Some Memories, 
And Some Feelings.

I'm A Really Forgiving Person, 
So If I Stop Talking To You, 
You Really Went Too Far.

I Hate Getting Flashbacks From Things
I Don't Want To Remember

Breakup Quotes for Him

Depression Is Living In A
Body That Fights To Survive
With A Mind That Tries To Die.

I'm Sorry I Have Trust Issues, 
But When You Give Someone Everything 
And They Just Toss It Away Like Nothing, 
Something Inside Of You Breaks

She Hated Her Life
And Cried Every Night,
But She Still Woke Up Every Day
With A Smile On Her Face

I Loved You The Way That I
Should Have Loved Me.

Relationship breakup quotes

Imagine A Boy Praying To God That
He Gets To Marry You

My Thoughts Have been Destroyed
I More Than Blades Ever Could.

Faking A Smile Is So Much Easier
Then Explaining Why Are You Sad.

Everyone Deserves Chances Second
But Not For The Same Mistakes

Do You Ever Wonder What Goes Through
Guys Head When He Likes A Girl?

My Biggest Issue Is I Want To Rush. 
I Want Everything To Fall In Place Right Now 
And That's Just Not How It Works

Move on quotes after break up

Best Lesson I Ever Learned In Life
Came From The Worst Feeling 
I Ever Felt In Life.

You Have Broken My Heart
Into Pieces But I Still Love
You From Each And Every
Broken Part Of My Heart.

Do U Ever Say Something So Mean And
Your Like Dang I Need To Chill Lol

If I Reply In Under A Minute 
You're Important

I Lose Interest When 
I Get Ignored.

Pain Changes People,
It Makes Them Trust
Less, Overthink More,
And Shut People Out.

Breakup Captions for Instagram

I'm Tired Of Fighting.
For Once I Want To Be Fought For.

I Get Jealous But, I'm Stubborn. 
I Won't Say Shit. 
I Just Throw My Little Attitude 
And Call It A Day

No Matter How Hard Life Is,
Never Quit, Never Give Up.
Never Stay Knocked Down.
Get Back Up, Fight For Yourself.
Believe In Yourself.

sad breakup quotes, breakup quotes for him

You May Not End Up Together
But You'll Certainly Light Up
Each Other's Way Back Home

One Day You'll Hear My
Name Again.
And It Will Break Your
Fucking Heart.

Everyone Says I'm Not Alone.
So Why Do I Feel Like I Am

I Want To Sleep Until I Feel

After Breakup Quotes

I Learned That People Leave. 
Even If They Have Promised 
A Thousand Times That They Won't.

You Stopped Saying Goodnight, 
And I Stopped Sleeping.

Today My Forest Is Dark. 
The Trees Are Sad And All The
Butterflies Have Broken Wings.

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Sometimes No Matter How Hard You Try,
You Can't Escape Reality.

Hello Darkness
My Old Friend
I Have To Talk With You Again

Does It Really Get Better, Or
Do We Just Get Used To It?

I Keep It All Inside
Because I'd Rather The
Pain Destroy Me, 
Than Everyone Else.

Break up messages for him

The Saddest Part Of Life Is Saying
Goodbye To Someone
You Wish To Spend
Your Lifetime With.

I Just Wish I Could Delete 
The Distance Between Us

Everyone Says: "Be Happy,"
But Noone Says: "I'll Make You Happy."

I Have Friends But I Also Have No
Friends At The Same Time U Feel Me

Nothing Hurts More Than Being
Disappointed By The One Person
Who You Thought Would
Never Hurt You.

My Biggest Mistake Is Thinking That People
Care For Me As Much As I Do For Them

Breakup quotes for him

breakup messages, after breakup quotes, breakup caption

You Don't Have To Pretend
Like You Like Me.

It's Nice When Someone Remembers
Small Details About You.

The Truth Is
You Could Slit My Throat
And With One Last Gasping Breath,
I'd Apologize For the Bleeding On Your Shirt

The Worst Kind Of Pain 
Do Not Come From Your Enemies 
But From The People Who You
Trust And Love.

Hugs Are Important And 
They Can Mean So Much

Currently Missing Someone Who
Probably Doesn't Miss Me

Shit, Doesn't Really Hit You Until Night Time.
You'll Be In Bed & Just Randomly Start
Thinking About Some Deep Shit.

Move on quotes after break up

The Little Girl Just Could Not Sleep
Because Her Thoughts Were Way Too Deep
Her Mind Had Gone Out For A Stroll
And Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole.

Your Simple "I Miss You" Message
Means Everything To Me

And suddenly,
Nothing Even Mattered
All I Wanted Was Anymore.
To Sleep Forever.

I Hate Being Alone.
My Thoughts, My Feelings,
My Mind Eats Me Alive.

Monsters Don't Sleep Under Your Bed
They Scream Inside Of Your Head

She Was, Drowning
But Nobody Saw
Her Struggle.

Relationship breakup quotes

Text Your Girl A Long Paragraph
About How Much You Love And
Adore Her, She'll Probably Go Back
And Read It 24/7

If You Can Love The Wrong
Person That Much.
Imagine How Much You
Can Love The Right One.

You Will Never Understand
The Hell I Feel Inside My Head.

Ever Since I Met You
No One Else Has Been Worth Thinking About

My Biggest Fear Is That Eventually
You Will See Me The Way
I See Myself.

You Smile, But You Wanna Cry. You Talk,
But You Wanna Be Quiet.
You Pretend Like You're Happy,
But You Aren't.

I'm Falling Apart And Nobody Knows, 
I Have Nobody To Talk To And I'm Alone.

Breakup messages

I Could've Let You Come Back
But I'm Not Going To
Abandon Me Anymore

You Think You're Ok Until You're Up At
3Am Thinking About All The Negative
Things In Your Life

She Knew She Was Really Sad,
When She Stopped Loving
The Things She Loved.

And Then I Think That Maybe
I Was Designed To Be Alone.


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