Lil Baby Quotes that Help Inspire You to Improve

The success of his first album, Right Moments, helped American rapper Lil Baby gain popularity. Lil Baby is a professional and diligent rapper who hustles, is a decent dad, and is a good person all around. His love for music creation remained unwavering despite facing many challenges in life. Become inspired to better yourself and pursue your interest in life with these Lil Baby quotes.

Dominique Jones is Lil Baby's actual name. In the Oakland City district of Atlanta, Georgia, he was born. At this time, the artist is 27 years old. He is a young rapper who has influenced many with his music. As a role model for the Black community, Lil Baby is also valuable. His bravery in speaking out against George Floyd's murder and the lessons he discovered from spending quality time both inside and outside of prison serves as more proof that his music is more than simply dance music. His community and business community respect him. Through any chance, the quotes above were able to describe to you Lil Baby's true desire to spread compassion.

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Lil Baby Quotes

I’m a rapper, 

but I’m more of a hustler.

I have an impact, 

and people look up to me now. 

It’s more than money.

To me, I’m on a whole different level of rapping.

I’ve grown, and my passion for music has grown. 

I’ve become more advanced, 

and I’ve enhanced my vocabulary. 

All-around artist development.

Whatever you do, don’t lose yourself!
I got a boss mentality.

I feel like whatever is meant is meant. 

I feel like this is already written.

If you learned a lesson, 

it wasn’t a loss.

You might love watching basketball, 

but that doesn’t mean you’ll get on the court.

I don’t care how I’m viewed. 

I know me. I’m good.

Hopefully, the sacrifices we make 

today can change tomorrow.

Work hard and determine. 

It’s safe to say I earned it.

Live life to the fullest. 

Nothing is promised.

Lil Baby Inspirational Quotes

I’m proud of the man I’m becoming.

If we want to think about change, 

we must start using our power.

From the bottom, all I know is the struggle. 

Can’t get a job, so all I know is the hustle.

I’m my only competition. 

I can’t lose.

If you are the richest in the room, 

you need a new room.

Everything that I got, 

was made for me.

No one gives you a chance. 

You have to take chances.

Don’t listen to them haters tryna 

fill your ears with salt.

I had to cut some people off. 

They aren’t mean me any good!

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things 

that count the most.

Living life like stars, thanking God every day. 

We finally win.

I’m just tryna live my life. 

They say I am not living right.

Lil Baby on Love and Relationships Quotes

I can never fall in love with you no more. 

I done gave you all of that.

Baby, I’m in love. I admit it. 

I know that you think I want to hit it.

Hey, I don’t need any fake love. 

Fake love is the worst love.

Fell in love twice, and had me in my feelings.

A love letter came through the mail, it said, ‘I miss you.’ 

I ripped it up and flushed it with the tissue. Try to forget you.

I can’t wait around for anybody. 

I need it right now. 

I might buy that car if it makes the right sound.

Sometimes, you got to go to a safe spot and 

just get some peace and rest.

I give all my problems to God. 

Let Him handle all my enemies.

Be careful how much you tolerate. 

You are teaching them how to treat you.

I’m changing every day as far as this rap thing. 

I’m learning new things. I’m getting bigger by the day.

Lil Baby Short Quotes That Are Full of Lessons

I made a promise, 

I’m never going to change.

Let my good outweigh my bad and keep pushing!

All I know is playing for keeps. 

I am not slept in about a week.

If you are about that life, 

get out of that casket.

I can do badly on my own and good by myself. 

I never needed any help.

I just like to hear laughter, 

tryna ease all this pain.

If I sell my soul, 

I’ll take it back. 

I’m slime forever.

I’m the frontrunner, 

burning right through the hood.

I am not changed. 

I stayed the same and maintained.

I’ve been through all the bad parts of the streets.

All your friends wish that they were on what we are on.

I’ve wakened every blessed morning. 

I have been thinking to myself lately.

No matter how bad the situation, 

it could always be worse.

We can’t ever let ’me Leak our minds. 

We got to stay strong, conquer, and don’t divide.

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