60+ Suicide Quotes | Suicidal Depression Quotes

60+ Suicide Quotes | Suicidal Depression Quotes

In this post we provide 60+ Quotes on suicide or depression which can touch your heart.

Note :  When you feel like giving up, just remember the reason why you held on for so long. If you feel alone then you can contact us through contact form, may be i will help you.

Suicide Quotes, Suicidal Depression Quotes

Suicide Depression Quotes

Don't Depend Too
Much on Anyone in
This World. Even
Your Shadow Leaves
You When You're in

"Would Losing Me Even Be a Loss?”

I Am Not Skinny.
I Am Fat.
I Am Ugly
I Know It
And I Love It.
I Love My Body.
I Love Myself.

Hell Is Loving You in My Sleep
And Waking Up Alone.

What Screws Us Up Most in Life
Is the Picture In Our Head of
How It Is Supposed to Be.

Where Are You? And I'm So Sorry
I Cannot Sleep, I Cannot Dream Tonight

You Really Know You Love Someone When
You Can't Hate Them for Breaking Your Heart

Maybe I Should Cry for Help
Maybe I Should Kill Myself.

Kill Myself Quotes

I'm Tired of Fighting
Want to Be Fought for

I Think I Hit the Point in Life Where,
I'm Just Done.
I Cried, I Fought, I Tried,
But Everything Is Crashing Down.
My Demons Are Screaming Louder,
Trying to Eat Away the Rest of Me.
And This Time,
I'm Not Going to Fight Back.

Do U Ever Just See the First Sentence of a
Text Message and Just Think "Hell No I Do
Not Have Time for This"

What Made Her Better Than Me? You Said
You'll Always Love Me

Its Paining Hard
When No One Is There for Uh

She Saved Everyone
But Couldn't Save Herself.

Maybe if I Jumped
Everybody Will Be Happy.

It's Not So Much That I Want to Die but
That I Don't Want This Life Anymore

Smiling Is Easier Than Explaining Why You're Sad.

Sad Suicide Quotes

Suicide Quotes, Suicidal Depression Quotes

I Can't Lock My Demons Out, They Have the Key.

After Being Hurt So Many Times, All I Can Say Is “i'm Used to It"

I Rather Paly Music Than to Listen to
Some Shithead Who Won't Add Anything
To My Life.

Hangman Shows How Saying the Wrong
Things Could Kill Someone

Hangman Is Great Because
It Teaches Us That by Saying
The Wrong Thing, You Could End
Someone's Life

So Many Thoughts That I Can't Get Out of My Head
I Try to Live Without You
Every Time I Do, I Feel Dead
I Know What's Best for Me
But I Want You Instead.

"Sad People Love the Rain
Because They Are No Longer
Crying Alone"

Everything Will Be Okay
In the End.
If It's Not Okay,
It's Not the End.

Some Days I Just Want to Leave This
World Behind and Find All New

Suicide Awareness Quotes

You Know the
Times That I Said I
Was Fine. It Was "True".

I Don't Want to Die. But if Someone Put
A Gun to Me. I Wouldn't Stop Them

I Can't Eat And I Can't Sleep. 
I'm Not Doing Well in
Terms of Being A Functional
Human, You Know?

I Wake Up Every
Morning and
Wishing I Didn't

“we're Just
Suicidal Kids
Telling Other
Suicidal Kids
That Suicide
Isn't the

I Was Totally
Damaged Maybe I'd
Always Been Broken
And Dark Inside.

Stop Thinking About Everything So
Much, You're Breaking Your Own Heart.

I Am Constantly
Torn Between
Killing Myself and
Killing Everyone
Around Me

Sometimes Even to
Live Is an Act of Courage.

You Ask Me to Trust You Even Though
I'm Still Coughing Up Water From Last Time
You Pushed Me Under

Suicidal Depression Quotes

Suicide Quotes, Suicidal Depression Quotes

For a Moment I Was Getting Better.
For a Moment I Was Feeling Good.
For a Moment I Wanted to Live.
For a Moment I Had Hope Again.
And in a Moment, I Lost It All.

If You're Thinking About Ending It
All Today, the Most Perfect Day of
Your Life Could Be Waiting for You
Tomorrow & You Wouldn't Be There
A broken start He's Avoiding Me in the Halls.. I Don't
Know How Much Longer Can Make It Look Like.

It Sucks Feeling Like You're Not Good

Wish I Was Too Dead to Cry
My Self-affliction Fades
Stones to Throw at My Creator
Masochists to Which I Cater

"So Many People Would Be Sad if You
Left" How Would You Know Unless You
Tried It Out for Yourself?

I'll Keep Loving You Long After You Stop

I Can Think of
A Hundred Ways to Die
And a Hundred Ways to Do It
But I Can't Think of
A Hundred Ways to Live
Or a Hundred Ways to Do It
So I Lock Myself Away
For Hundreds of Hours
And Hundreds of Days
And Try Not to Think at All.

I Am Learning to Trust
The Journey Even When I
Do Not Understand It.

People Scare Me. One Moment
It's "I Love You" and "You Make Me
Happy" and the Next It's "I'm Not
Sure Anymore"

“how Do You Kill the
Demon Inside You, Without
Killing Yourself?"

Suicide Quotes for Boy and Girl

Suicide Quotes, Suicidal Depression Quotes

But You Knew When She Was Sad
The Circles Under Her Eyes Got Darker
The Sound of Her Voice Got Softer
The Size of Her Waist Got Smaller
And Her Smile Just.

Silence Really Isn't All That Quiet. It
Screams in My Head. Silence Blares.

Hearts Will Never Be
Practical Until They
Are Made Unbreakable.

A Person Who Tries
To Kill Herself
Doesn't Do So
Out of
Quote 'hopelessness'
Or Any Abstract
Conviction That
Life's Assets and
Debits Do Not Square...

I Fall Too Fast
Crash Too Hard,
Forgive Too Easily,
And Care Too

I Wanna Know but I Don't Want to Ask

Second Chances Have Never Been
A Problem With Me... I Tend to Give
About 7 or 8 Before I Realize I'm a
Fucking Idiot

The Thought of
Suicide Is a Great
Consolation by
Means of It One
Gets Through Many
A Dark Night..

My Head Is
A Very Dark Place.

Love Is a Wonderful Painful Thing

Overthinking Does Kill Your Happiness. 

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