[Updated] 200+ Instagram Notes in English, Funny, Attitude, Instagram Notes Ideas

Instagram recently launched a new Instagram Notes feature that allows users to create and share Instagram notes with a limit of 60 characters. This Instagram notes feature appears at the top of the DM section and notes last appear for 24 hours. We can also reply to the notes. 

So friends, here we will show you the Best Instagram Notes in English, funny Instagram notes ideas, and Attitude Instagram notes ideas. 

Instagram Notes in English, Funny, Attitude, Instagram Notes Ideas

Instagram Notes Ideas

I'm the Exception

Simple But Significant

Doing Better

Rollin' with Homies

Livin' a Little

Pretty & Profitable

Life is Beautiful

Glitter is the Only Option

Anything But Predictable

I See Beauty in Everything

Goal: Bigger Smile

You Don't Know Me.

No Fun Day = Monday

Life Happens, Tea Helps

Own Less, Live More!

Eyes are Never Quiet.

I Decide My Vibe.

Live in the Current Moment.

Songs are my Sanity.

Don't Forget to Play.

50% Savage, 50% Sweetness.

I Decide My Vibe.

Oh Hey There.

Sunday Funday

Let it Be.

Escape The Ordinary

I'll Do me.

All I Really Need is a Passport.

Better an Oops, Than a What if.

I Woke Up Like This.

Mentally at the Beach.

Start Somewhere.

Be Happy, It Drives People Crazy.

Maybe She's Born with it.

Cool Instagram Notes Ideas

I Want to Eat Burger

Everyday Everywhere.

Sun, Sand the Sea, and Me.

Be Happy Anytime

Try to Happy Me.

Sun Kissed Me.

Sit Down, If Can't Stand Me.

Mixed Personalities

Be Cool, Be Happy.

What is Cool?

Wanna Talk to Me?

Touch Them with Love.

Make My Mood Buddy.

Leave before you Love Me.

Do Whatever Makes You Happy.

Yellow Yellow My Dirty Fellow.

Let me Disturb You.

Let's Talk With Me.

Start Liking Me.

The Sun Shine every day.

No Pain No Gain.

Set Your Own Rules.

My Life, My Rules.

This is My Brightside.

Do You Even Know Me?

I'm Back With Eyes.

Keep it Clean, Keep it Classic

I Got 99 Problems but a Bad Angle ain't One.

Felt Cute. Will Not be Deleting Later.

Does My Look Make My Ego Look Big?

You Don't Have to Like Me. 
I'm Not a Facebook Status

Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow.

Funny Instagram Notes

Do You Remember Me?

We will Go Together Like Hot Sauce & Everything.

They Hate Everything That They Can't Control

Always Day Dreaming.

We All Start With Netflix & Chill.

I'm Not Perfect But Try to be Real.

 Make it Happen.

Just Me.

Blessed Mess.

All We Have is Now.

Too Cute to Care.

Worry Less, Smile More.

Oh, Hey There.

Don't Underestimate me.

Be Savage, Not Average.

Are your Eyes Blushing?

Mood: You

Roses are Red, I'm Going to Bed

Reading Notes.

Talents: Eating

Same Shit, Different Days

Dating Tips: Don't

You ain't Vibe,
You are a Headache Love.

Instagram Notes Are Useless Like You Are.


The Bag Under My Eyes is Gucci.

More Issues Than Vogue.

Smile While You Still Have Teeth.

Ofc, I Talk to Myself.

Wine + Dinner = Winner

Mosquitos Find Me Attractive More Than Girls.

Friday, My Second Favorite F Word.

Out of Time, Patience, and Money.

Reality Called, So I Hung Up.

I Need a Vacation of 6-Month, Twice a Year.

When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left.

Don't Worry, Be-Yonce.

Instagram Notes Currently Loading

Just Dropped My New Single.

You're the Ketchup to My Mustard.

Some Days Start Better than Others.

Life is Simple. It’s Just Not Easy.

Whatever is Good for Your Soul, Do that.

At Least My Pizza Still Loves Me.

It's Not a Phase Mom, It's Who I'm.

When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left.

Sure, I Do Marathons on Netflix.

There's No We in Fries.

Another Fine Day Ruined by Responsibilities.

Attitude Instagram Notes

Don't Just Exist, Live.

Drop it Like it's Hot.

Keep Your Head High

Make it Happen

You Got This

Be Savage, Not Average.

Instagram Notes are Useless Like You are

More Ways to Slide Into My DMs.

Want to be Happy, Care Less.

Be a Warrior in a Room of Worriers

For Extremely Smart Advice DM me.

Stressed But Blessed

Fifty Shades of Tired


Leveling Up

Pleasure Over Matter

Got Tea?

My Mood Changes about 70 Times a Day

Life is a Short Trip Enjoy It.

Fly Above The Negativity.

Don't Worry My Time is Bad Now, 
But I'll Rise.

The goal is to Progress
Do not Try to Impress.

First They Laugh, 
Then They Copy.

When God Gives You A New Beginning,
Don't Repeat Mistakes.

Now It's My Turn to Show
Who the Fuck I Am.

Walk Like a King

Satisfy Your Soul,
Not the Society.

When Days are Dark Friends are Few.

If They Act Like They Can Live Without You,
Help Them Do it.

I am More Than What You See.

Fuck it,
You Tried. Move On.

Positive Attitude In Negative.

Use Your Pain as Fuel
And Keep Going.

When I See My Ex:
"Oh Wow...But Fuck You".

Every Fall is a Chance to Rise.

I'm Who I'm.
Your Approval is Not Needed.

It's Time to Go Ghost & Shock the World.

Don't worry.
My Time is Bad Now, But I'll Rise Again.

Those Who Fly Solo,
Have the Strongest Wings.

Nobody is Coming to Save You.
Get up, and Be Your Own Hero.

Everything You Lost Will be Replaced
By Something Better.

Once You See the Results,
Success Becomes an Addiction!!

Focus on You Until The Focus is On You.

Don't Call me Lucky.

Be Like Rolls-Royce
Cheap People Can't Afford You.

I Know What I Want
and I'm Going to Get It.

I Never Stopped Loving You.
I Just Stopped Showing It.

Dream So Big That 
People Call You Crazy.

I Don't Have A Plan B.
It's Do or Die.

Never Say "I' Can't",
Ask Yourself, "How Can I".

Your Direction is More Important 
Than Your Speed.

When A Nice Guy Loses His Patience
The Devil Shivers.

Take The Risk Or Lose The Dream.

Smile. It's Just a Bad Day,
Not a Bad Life.

What is Instagram Notes Feature?

Instagram recently introduced a new Instagram Notes feature that allows Instagram users to create and share Instagram Notes with a limit of 60 characters. Instagram Notes created by Instagram users will be visible to their followers in the Instagram DM section and like Instagram Stories, they will disappear after 24 hours. On the other hand, if a follower reacts to your note, then you can see it in your DM section only.

How to Create Instagram Notes?

  1. First, open your Instagram.
  2. Go to the DM section where you will see the Notes feature.
  3. Tap on ‘your note’.
  4. Write your thoughts in 60 characters. 
  5. You will see 2 options to share the note.
  6. Share with followers you follow back.
  7. Share with close friends.
  8. Choose accordingly, and you are done.


Instagram's new feature Instagram Notes is great for sharing your thoughts. Like Stories, notes are visible for 24 hours, after which you can compose a new note. The biggest difference between Instagram Stories and Instagram Notes is that with Notes you can only add one note at a time, whereas with Stories you can add more than one story.

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